natural nomad, chronically independent

at rutgers there are many muslim women my age; invariably, I think of their long hair wrapped under hijabs.

my hair’s chopped short, and my boyfriend tells me how he loves long hair on females. I wonder what it’s like to live without this particular worry. More broadly, it falls under: Pleasing men.

I overheard a group of these girls giggling about a boy one girl has ‘loved forever’. 22 and she has his name written in her notebook. hungry hearts abound.

friend, you yelled at me one time a party about how i’m bitter about two years of “psychoanalysis shoved down my throat” – perhaps implying that this education colored my world view of art. i wonder if i will ever outgrow these prejudices against my former craft, or keep my past and present desires farther away than the back of my closet, the clothes i no longer wear.

I curl up next to him
clinging to those who will judge me and won’t ask what’s wrong




PYLYSHYN: What is Cognitive Science?

“Of course this all sounds strange and unnatural. But think of how unnatural the idea of heliocentric planetary system with planets kept in place by invisible forces acting at a distance must have sounded to the Aristotelian scholars of the 17th century. And how unnatural is the scientific answer to the question “What is in this table?” (i.e., almost entirely empty space with a variety of unobservable forces acting on unobservable particles and electromagnetic wave patterns). That’s the way it is in science: Things are rarely what they seem. But over time we all learn to live with the strangeness and it then usually becomes the mundane orthodoxy of the next generation.”


          Lily enters stage right to find her brother, Matt, engaged in a video game.

You know
Plays can teach us how to become better humans.
Matt remains glue to a video game.

I don’t wanna learn.

It’s a classic.

I’m sorry – but
I just don’t care to -

But it’ll be fun!

Fun for you! Boring for me.

But what’s so great about this production is that
the chorus is playing all the scenery, the furniture,
they hoist Juliet ten feet in the air to simulate
the balcony where she meets Romeo. But even cooler!
They anthropomorphize Fate, acting as unseen agents
of ultimate DOOM! C’mon – what’s better than that?

(Still no response.)
     There’s gonna be some raunchy make-out scenes…!

(Fed up. Deflecting)
     Oh yeah. Like I wanna go to some Shakespearean peep
show with my sister– sounds greeeat.

          (Accommodating his reluctance)
     Have you ever seen it?

You never told me!

Bah- Yes I did!
We were in these exact same positions,
You playing that game and I was–

AH, you mean one of those many instances when you’ve barged into my room.
Well, let me tell you: I was more preoccupied with this
(signals controller in hand) than whatever the heck you were talking about!

Jesus Christ.
(Matt looks up from the game.)

     I’m so serious.

Well I already bought the tickets.
Will I have to go alone?
(Matt continues playing.
Silent, thinking.)

On a Friday night!?

(Reacting to Game)
     OHHHHHHHHHH, Yeah! Finally!!! WOO!

You’re unbelievable.
(Lily gets up to leave.)

(Turning from the game)
     Why don’t you ask one of your friends to go with you?
Why’d’ja have to ask me?

               Lily exits.